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The Invisible World is a riveting book that connects the cosmos with the human experience.  It is easily accessible to all ages with epic pictures, a great story , activities to practice and experiments to challenge anyone. A great introduction  to the experience of the energetic world.

Order the Full Color Book NOW-  Great for offices, classrooms, coffee tables, and bedtime stories.  The cost is $60 and all proceeds go to distributing more free books and to the Community LIFE Network non-profit.

The book is guaranteed to arrive within a week.

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Becoming a member is simply committing to automatic contributions of an amount of your choosing.  This can be set up by phone (831) 429-9282.

Get a B&W/Color Book By Donation-  For a simple donation we will send you a copy of the Book with some Color pictures in it or if supplies exist a color copy.  The average current donations is about $30, although we will still send you a copy for any amount of donation, and we always appreciate needed larger donations.  There is no guarantee for the arrival time of your book, although we will do our best to get it to you as soon as we can especially if your donation can help cover shipping.

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Be forewarned that is does take a while to download the e-book as it is quite large.

Get a FREE B&W Copy of the Book!!!  We will send you a free B&W copy of the book when funds are available for printing and shipping of free books.  There is no specific timeframe, it could be tomorrow, yet the sooner you get your name on the list, the sooner you will get your book. 

Or Download the B&W version for FREE right NOW!!!- by downloading the free B&W version of the book you simply need to give us your email and sign up for our Free Newsletter Update, and you will receive the link to the Free E-book in your email. Be forewarned that is does take a while to download the e-book as it is quite large.

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